Yay! Summer field trips are back! We took our first one to the MOHAI, which is a great museum because it is full of things kids can touch and pull and poke and twist, and those things do no touch, pull, poke, or twist the boys back like they do at home.


One of our city’s old tow trucks, and an example of what happens when you take a Dad Joke too far.


Rocco in his happy place (every place is Rocco’s happy place):


We always love this display of our city’s former icons, from beer to clams to volcanoes. The kids turn any of the wheels and each of the displays does something. The only thing that would make it better is if it started raining real rain on you the minute you touched a wheel.


But despite all the bells and whistles at the museum, my favorite part is always the table with pencils and paper where you can draw your own invention. Like:


Most pictures come with an explanation, but Octoship does not need one.

Kevin got it in his head last year that I should write a picture book about an economy that uses chicken nuggets instead of money as currency. He genuinely thinks this would make a great picture book and brings it up frequently, despite the consistent look of NO on my face. But I was feeling generous yesterday and so I present to you…


Rocco created an invention to solve homelessness:


Houses. Houses will solve homelessness.

Vincenzo takes first place this time, though. Whatever device you’re reading this on, it is worth taking the time to zoom in so you can learn about all the features of the Hovercat 3000.


It’s going to be a good summer.


Leftovers, including…
Sticky finger ribs
Grilled chicken
Fettucini with gorgonzola, walnuts, and grilled radicchio
Fruit pizza

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