Today’s Post Brought to you by Vincenzo’s Homework

I’ve been checking Vincenzo’s homework lately, trying to help him climb his way out of the academic hole he’s dug himself. I have to say, it’s been entertaining, to say the least.





(I told him he spelled “steroids” wrong and he said that’s because he doesn’t take them. Would I rather he takes them and spells it right?  he asked.)


This assignment also required him to write paragraphs throughout it, using vocabulary words. He wrote such stories as “Terminator Bloopers,” based on Terminator’s predecessor, The Germinator (turns out he wasn’t too good in battle); the time Batman left Gotham city in the capable hands of his Superhero friends, then returned a few weeks later “very sunburned indeed” to find everything in shambles; and one called “The Story I Wrote After Eating the Glowy Mushrooms.”

I’m enjoying his homework so much, I wish I had started checking it earlier in the year! Oh yeah, that’s right. I couldn’t have checked it earlier in the year because he wasn’t doing his homework. And that’s because…


Going out for sushi!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Post Brought to you by Vincenzo’s Homework

  1. Oh my goodness! I love his fantastic way of looking at the world! I could never in a million years think up anything like this.

    I’m also not sure when valiant became a noun. I may need to go back to middle school.

    R, I’m glad you’ve found a way to find humor in all of this!!!

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