Sydney Funnies

Leo kept referring to our hotel as our “cabin.” Here’s a picture of our “cabin.”


I pointed out to the boys that if you switch the first “a” and “o” of this bank, you get RobABank.


This would have been funny except that Rocco pointed it out to us five times a day every day after that.

Leo takes in the view:


Leo has also taken up hair twirling again and walks around everywhere with one hand on his head. We joke that he can’t walk very far because his arm gets tired.


We spent a day at Manly Beach, so named because when Captain Cook landed there, he thought the inhabitants looked very manly. I happened to stumble upon one of the original habitants while there.


(It’s the guy kneeling down behind Kevin.)

Rocco and Vincenzo working together:


Rocco and Leo working against each other:


Rocco, reading the menu: Why are there so many kinds of sprite?


Leo enjoys some Australian finger food:


Leo: “Why would anyone name a store ‘Ugg?’”


(There are as many Ugg stores in Australia as there are Starbucks stores in the U.S.)

We got home last night and after a good, long nap I went to the store to buy about every vegetable they had there. No joke—Leo asked, “What’s a vegetable?” As hard as it was to leave Sydney, maybe it’s a good thing we’re home.

Stir fry and rice (I never made it last night because we all felt rather bloated and hungover from our 21-hour journey fueled only by plane food)

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