G’Day, Mates!

Hello from the future! Relatively speaking to my five readers, that is. We’re in Sydney, which is 18 hours ahead of the Seattle area. What’s different about the future, you ask? Not much, except that everyone rides hover boards and wears tin foil suits. Also, in the future everyone wishes you happy birthday a day late and acts like they’re on time.

But back to Sydney.

First and foremost, there are drop bears absolutely everywhere!




And by “everywhere,” I mean the Taronga Zoo.

And also everywhere Leo goes.


(He started wearing the eye mask around with no explanation.)

Sydney has excited children…*


…and tired parents.


There are unrefrigerated eggs for sale!


And lots of birds! This one seems to be some kind of turkey-chicken combo and would have made Kevin’s turducken birthday a lot easier.


This one parked itself below babies-in-highchairs and waited for cracker droppings while the babies-in-highchairs screamed in terror and dropped a lot of crackers.


This next one seems to be a flightless bird. Rare but always spectacular in the wild.


It followed us home on the ferry, so we kept it.


(Sorry for the weird editing—I was trying out an I-phone editing app and things quickly got out of hand.)

I feel bad for the lack of Rocco pictures, but he’s been too busy figuring out how the support beams work on the Sydney Opera House or trying out all the seats on the ferry to see which one is best or doing the opposite of what we’re saying to pose for pictures. So even though he doesn’t thematically fit into this post, I’ll try to make it work.

There are also underrepresented middle children!


That’s about all I have the energy to blog today.  While me and the boys are here for the fun of it, Kevin’s here for work and today was his first day on the job.  I took the boys for a solo trip in the city, so tempers, fuses, energy, patience, and brain power are all dangerously low.

Wood-fired pizzas at an open air restaurant
(The food in Sydney is so amazing, I’d take an 18-hour flight just to have lunch here!)

*Leo is not exclaiming gleefully at the drop bears in the above picture; he’s in the middle of a ten-minute saga about the last time he played Plants vs. Zombies.

2 thoughts on “G’Day, Mates!

  1. Crikey! Sounds like you are enjoying your vacation! Love the updates. Don’t forget to eat a lot of barbies. That is pretty much the only Aussie slang I know so the boys will have to teach me some new words when they come back!

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