Is Anyone Out There?

Sometimes I feel like this blog is one of those devices that sends pings out into space just in case some aliens happen by and hear the pings, even though that’s a fairly ridiculous notion. But I love the fairly ridiculous, so here I am, sending out another round of blips. I’m delving into family life today, so let me give you the run-down on all the other Mouthies.

Vincenzo, is slowly, sloooowly pulling his grades up this quarter.* Of course, two of his classes are PE and this week he has a hurt hand so I’m not sure how long he can hold onto those As. (Get it? Hold on? With a hurt hand?) Vincenzo has learned to resist my Type A tendencies as bad as Kevin has though. Like the other day, I learned that his friend, who is also 13, is on the board, the board, for Water First, which got me to thinking about how Vincenzo doesn’t volunteer for anything, which got me to telling Vincenzo he should think about volunteering for something, which made Vincenzo say, “Is this about my friend being on the board for Water First,” which made me say, “No! What makes you think that?!” Then Vincenzo volunteered to eat the first brownie out of the pan I had just set on the counter. He then told Leo he could eat the second and Rocco he could eat the third, and then he started calling himself a volunteer coordinator. I just shook my head and walked away. How can you work with that?!

Leo is starting to outgrow his snuggly phase, which is absolutely killing me. Actually, he outgrew it in a two day time span  when he started screaming or saying I hurt him every time I gave him a hug or kiss, and that was pretty much that. He’s so darn cute still that it takes a herculean amount of willpower not to try anyway.

But he’s not all the way grown up yet. He still says, “I’m make sure-ing to do my homework.” So there’s that.

At Sunday school, he did such a nice job coloring the handout again.


At first we thought he was being unchristian, telling others not to touch the paper. But then we talked ourselves into believing he did it for the good of others. Maybe the paper has cholera on it, and he’s trying to save everyone! Or typhoid! Or at the very least, someone could get a nasty paper cut if they touched the paper.  Leo is a freaking humanitarian.

Rocco is his usual big-eyed, big-thinking self. He designed his own experiment for the science fair, which involved building a lot of Lego boats. Normally he builds these boats while taking baths, and I offered to come in there and take pictures for the science fair, but he decided to get out and put on some clothes for the occasion. (Talk about someone who’s growing up too fast!)

He’s at a stage where he thinks it’s hilarious to interpret questions in the most literal way possible. I’ll say, “Wait a second,” and he’ll say, “Okay. One thousand one. I waited a second!” Stuff that is completely unfunny to anyone over the age of 7 (I’d like to point out that he’s 9) but which he keeps doing despite us telling him over and over again that it’s not funny and in fact it makes us want to rip our hair out. At which point he pantomimes ripping his hair out and says, “Like this?”

Onto the biggest Mouthy: Kevin. He made a card for me for Valentine’s Day. I kind of love this little guy. (The robot, not Kevin.) (I mean, I love Kevin too but he would piledrive me if I ever called him “little guy.”)


The robot’s holding a pencil on a string because there were some questions to answer inside the card. There were also a lot of rainbow heart stickers.


For a gift, he got me an outfit. (!!)


As I opened it, he told me proudly he made it himself.


He started to demonstrate how to put it on but I snatched it up and told him I love my new bookmark.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this foray into the family life of Mrs. Mouthy. Please seek out my blips floating around space again.

Mashed potatoes
Lemony garlicky beans
Roasted squash

*A couple hours after writing that, I check V’s grades and saw he has gotten 5 straight F’s in English, so yeah. But I’m leaving that sentence there to remember that for a short period of his life, he was getting okay grades and I was not breathing fire down his neck.

6 thoughts on “Is Anyone Out There?

  1. What sounds do pings make when they echo back to you?
    I’m out here happily listening to your life. I’m just so un-funny in the comment department.

  2. Awww–thanks for the comments, you random aliens! Just for you, I am sending out a special message, and here it is: blip…blip…blip…

  3. I’m here faithfully receiving your pings and responding with smiles, giggles, and occasional tears, but then I’m your mom….guess it comes with the territory?

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