Snow Days

Okay, the truth is that the snow was crazy amounts of fun.  Well, the first four days of it were, and since then we’ve all just been staring out the windows as the snow veerrrry slowly melts, like a guest who has overstayed their welcome and who has royally messed up the place.

But before that, it was like the mountains had come down from their lofty place in the sky to grace us with their presence.


Normally when it snows in Seattle we feel equal parts excited and anxious.  Excited because it snowed!  It really snowed!  Anxious because we have three hours to play in it before it melts away and we’re back to a gray world, like, snow?  What snow?  This time was different because it kept snowing and snowing and snowing and no matter how many times we sledded down the hills, there was never a moment of panic that any minute now the snow would disappear and we’d be sitting ridiculously on our sleds in the middle of a soggy, grassy hill.



Around here, everyone is their best self on a snow day.  Neighbors shovel each other’s driveways.  People leave sleds by their doors with signs saying, “Borrow me!”  Those with four-wheel drive text everyone within five miles to see if they need anything from the store.  You set food on the picnic table for the same creatures you normally shoo off the picnic table.



There’s something about a snow day that makes really bad ideas seem like good ones.  Like the time Kevin laid on an inner tube, then I put an inner tube on top of him and laid on that one and we went down the hill like a club sandwich.  Or how Kevin kept filling a Rubbermaid tub with snow to build walls halfway down the hill and kids would aim straight for them, hoping for a good crash.  Or the game the boys invented where ten kids lined up on their sleds at the top of the hill, two kids were it, and everyone else tried to crash into them and knock them off their sleds.  Normally, all of those would be the worst ideas ever.  But on a snow day, they are brilliant, and we laughed and laughed in between the annoying bouts of crying.


I love that snow days make it okay to play hooky and not take the blame for it.  You shrug.  “It was the snow,” and everyone agrees.  It wasn’t our fault; it was the snow.


And so, to summarize:


I heart snow days.

Gnocchi in tomato broth
Strawberries ‘n cream
Cherry charlottes with vanilla ice cream

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