Captain’s Log, Day 3

It’s day three of Snowmageddon.  Morale is so low I have started using that word.    Water rations are also low.  The soda stream ran out of carbonation and we have to drink flat bath water.  The goldfish were “too chewy” for the kids and someone looted all the marshmallows from our box of Lucky Charms.  We ran out of Oreo cookies.  I will try to make my own today, but no one is holding out hope.  We had to cancel Leo’s birthday party, and to make things fair we went ahead and canceled all birthday parties for the year.  I haven’t seen the children since they caught me watching YouTube videos about cutting hair.  I’m writing this blog post on our last roll of toilet paper.  I don’t know how long it will be before it is discovered and all these words will be flushed away.


(Vincenzo smiles bravely while Leo screams in terror and Rocco eats lunch.)

Someone’s coming. G2G

Unlucky Charms
Nothing Like the Real Thing Oreos

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