Gingerbread Houses ‘18

We had our regular crew over for decorating gingerbread houses yesterday and dear Lord, I have lost all control over parties and children.

Like for example, we found a couch in our shower this morning.


I mean, the last I had seen the couch, it was on our bed.


Also, this morning Vincenzo got locked out of his room because apparently the kids broke the doorknob so it only opens from the inside now.  When questioned, they boys burst into hysterical laughter and said, “It just went flying across the room!”  (Thank goodness Rocco was still in there or Vincenzo would have had to go to school in towel pants.)

I tried to figure out what had gone down last night while the adults were sitting around eating soup and saying, “What’d you say?” over the din of what looked to be an all-out war in our living room.  The older kids took all the weapons and cached them in a bedroom (coincidentally, the one that now has a broken doorknob) and they sold weapons to the younger kids.  Yes, they set up an arms dealership in the bunk bed room. 

(I got them to open by asking, “Arms for the poor?”)



The younger kids, from what I gather, spent their time alternately buying and stealing weapons from the older kids.  They also rediscovered our cat hole that gave the younger kids an escape advantage, as the older kids can no longer fit through it.

This is our cat hole, in case you were imagining a very different kind of cat hole.


Somehow the kids also decorated their houses.  How do they find the time?  I went ahead and named the houses.

The Minimalist (alternate name: The Door was Delicious)


Party on Top, Business Below


Sat Near the M&M Bowl


The Big Sister’s


It Was Different in my Head


Diabetic Delight


At the end of all this, after all the candy eating and arms dealing and doorknob breaking and couch moving, it was time to say goodbye to our guests.

And this is what that looked like.


Leftovers, including…
Chicken pot pie
Potato soup (thanks, K!)
Baked potatoes
French onion soup
Homemade bread
Monster cookie ice cream

One thought on “Gingerbread Houses ‘18

  1. Not that anyone comments on or really even reads this blog anymore, but for accuracy’s sake–I wrote this post a couple weeks ago and thought I had published it. So if anyone shows up at our house tonight expecting chicken pot pie, potato soup, and french onion soup, you will be sorely disappointed.

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