Christmas Countdown

We pulled down the Christmas decorations and I gave Leo the nativity set to put up. 

He clearly has not seen many nativity scenes in his short life. 


It’s such a first-grade interpretation of the wise men.  “Okay, line up single file, guys.  Everyone will get a turn.  Baby Jesus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Hey! No cutting, Balthasar!”


Also, I love Joseph’s stance here.  He is so much the dad who hears the baby crying and comes to help but hasn’t the foggiest idea what to do, so he stands there leaning slightly forward as if just the gesture of being someone who wants to help is helpful in and of itself.  Am I right?!

As for the rest of our Christmasing, here’s what it looks like to date.

This is the part where Kevin starts talking about how they have perfectly nice pre-cut trees just ten yards away from here.


Inspector Leo.  He’s more the upper-management type.


But sometimes the only way to get a job done is to do it yourself.


Guess I forgot to tell them to say cheese.


Leo, rediscovering his favorite Christmas ornament: a golden unicorn with a fake diamond.  Of course.


Here we are decorating the tree:


Oops, wrong picture (that was last year).  Here we are decorating the tree:


Yup, so that’s where we’re at.  Counting the days until Christmas while also wishing it doesn’t come too fast so we can enjoy these brightly-lit, dream-filled, family-packed days.

Leftovers & some new stuff:
Cheeseburger soup
Chicken and sweet potato curry
Baked potatoes
Green beans and broccoli with butter
Brownie royales

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