Still Truckin’

Gol-darnit, I still have nothing hilarious yet profound to blog about.  All my words and pictures are going other places, and I don’t want my blog to be a repeat of all that.  I don’t want to be that person who tells you the same story over and over again while you politely don’t mention it.  I’ll try to keep at least 50% of this stuff new for you.

I’m still writing up a storm.  Sometimes it’s stuff I hope will see the light of day and sometimes it’s stuff I hope never will, but either way I am always writing.  (I’m serious.  Even as I write this blog post, I am writing!)

This week’s picture book is The Wild Hare, about a wild hare and tame hare that fall in love, then out of love, then back in love, and all in 265 words.  As much grief as my novel can cause me, writing picture books is like playing in a ball pit.  To be fair to the novel, some days it gives me pure joy, too, and the joy from writing the novel is one that launches itself deep into my heart.  I give it a bad rap because writing a 100,000 word novel is harder, so much harder, than writing a 250 word picture book, but they both fulfill some part of me.  They must, or I would have stopped months ago and started binge watching nature shows on Netflix.

As for the kids, yep, I still have ‘em.  Here is the defining moment of each kid from the past week.

1. Vincenzo: Wearing a ridiculous penguin costume to run/waddle the Turkey Trot and insisting he was a fancy duck, not a penguin.


(I call this picture Three Turkeys and a Duck.)

2. Leo, winning a gumball machine at the arcade then coming home, making a sign for “Gumballs $.25” and parking himself outside our house to wait for customers.  (We essentially had to pay him to come back inside.)

3. Rocco deciding it was up to him to make me Instagram famous and proceeding to set up various poses of himself with books for me to post to Instagram.  Like this one.


Yes, folks, this is the picture that is going to break the Internet.

Oaxacan tacos (for flavor-loving people)
Pita pizzas (for those with inferior taste buds)
Cumin black beans
Roasted asparagus
Sliced pear
Cream cheese brownies with chocolate ganache

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