Anniversary Date Revisited

You know, I feel like I started writing about our 15 year anniversary date and ended up somewhere totally different with the last post.  Did anyone else notice that?

Yeah, so we were supposed to go to Canada, ended up staying at home and hanging out in the boys’ room.

We did venture out of the house a bit.  Kevin loves shopping, which feels weird every time I say it, but it’s true.  Then I feel like I should add that this is Kevin:


We shopped and ate [and cleaned] our way through the weekend.  We went to a Brazilian steak house, which is a crazy thing that everyone should try at least once, except definitely not vegetarians or people who are grossed out when their dinner partner breaks out into the meat sweats.  We played tennis one morning, which we hadn’t done since our anniversary in the Bahamas.  We went to pilates together, drank jamoca shakes at random times, ate a Vietnamese restaurant, watched a movie snuggled up on the outdoor deck, browsed Home Depot and commented on how it smells like the first two years of our marriage there.  (We did a lot of home improvement before our efforts became thwarted by our spawn.) 

At the end of two days, I asked Kevin how much more fun he thought he’d have if we had gone to Canada.  He said, “I think we would have had less fun.”

And you know?  I think he’s right.

Maybe next year we’ll plan an even bigger anniversary trip to cancel.  Imagine how much fun we could have then!

Chicken & shrimp satay with peanut dipping sauce
Thai noodles
Fresh vegetables
Blackberry peach trifle

3 thoughts on “Anniversary Date Revisited

  1. You two are such over achievers. Most people would just eat a Vietnamese meal and not the whole friggin establishment. Bet you had to re-clean the bathroom after that.

  2. Oh, looky looky, someone found a typo and decides to FINALLY comment on my blog! I could fix the typo and make this commenter look like a fool, but “whoever it is” probably needs this more than me. Enjoy your day of smugness, random commenter.

  3. Congratulations! You have been automatically signed up for a trial of my free editing service. Enjoy!

    *Results not gauranteed.

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