Back again

Well we just can’t stay put this summer.  As if we hadn’t gotten enough outdoorsing yet, we went and spent a weekend at Mount Rainier—the mountain we see just about every day of our lives but which my boys had never been to.  I didn’t want them pointing that out to me at some family dinner 20 years down the road and them realizing that all their life’s failures and disappointments came from never having been to the mountain that was right there all the time.

So.  First things first.  The mountain.


Checkity check check check that off our list.  Now can we just skip forward to the part where I post the prettiest pictures from the bunch?  Because I might want this next one to be the last image I see before I die.


Sweet Leo.  He had found a fishing float in the bushes and insisted we tie it to a stick, and even though we told him there was zero percent chance of catching a fish that way, still he sat there like that hour after hour.

The creek he was fishing at came with the house we rented, and I have since decided that all houses should come with their own creeks.


That’s the key to world peace, am I right?

Now, ever seen a couple of marmots in love?


(Actually, I think he was just looking for snacks in her teeth, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment by mentioning it.)

I mean, the wildlife was so fairy tale-like, this swan showed up next and, no joke, started singing Disney show tunes while the woodland creatures took up the percussion.


Okay, okay, you called my bluff.  This swan didn’t just “show up.”  We saw it on a tram tour of NW Trek.  But the part about the Disney show tunes is definitely true.

And the most wildest of all the wildlife we saw on our trip:


I don’t know why they all look so calm and well-behaved in this picture.  It’s probably not at all because they were promised gigantic ice cream cones if they would just sit still for ten seconds…


(I used to tell Rocco his eyes were bigger than his stomach, until I watched him eat this entire thing.  Now I can’t say that anymore.)

That picture came from my mom’s collection.  I was going to steal a couple more for my blog, but mostly she had just taken a bunch of pictures of everyone’s weiners.


Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see my mom’s face when she read that last line and then saw that it was true.

More on Rainier later.  Or maybe not.  It’s summer and I can’t be accountable for anything that shows up on this blog during summer.

Rocco’s birthday menu–
Steelhead trout with lemon
Gnocchi with browned butter sauce
Bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Chocolate cake with 7-minute frosting 

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