Leo @ 6

I really can’t stand it, but what’s a Mama to do?  Blog about it, I guess, and hope that 7 doesn’t come as quickly as 6 did.


The boy likes to win.  And maybe he’s taken to heart his dad’s claim that the family motto is “Cheat to win” because somehow, asking for a trophy for your birthday feels like cheating.


Until you see what the trophy is for, and then it just makes sense.


Because this is how he starts every day


And this is how he ends it.


This is the boy who says he wants to be a parent when he grows up.  He’s not particular about which parent—either a mom or a dad will do; he just needs to be taking care of things that are littler than himself.

Because when you are the youngest of three, it’s not always easy to find things littler than yourself.


He is my champion snuggler, my kitty cat who mews when he wants to be pet, the boy who spends an hour rolling around on a rug just for fun.


He doesn’t like weekends because he misses school.  Never mind that he has spent the weekend going to birthday parties, playing video games, baking cookies, eating donuts, winning epic battles against his dad, and, of course, rolling around on the rug.

He hates being told he’s wrong, hates losing and being surprised, hates being tickled, and hates most of the food I cook.

He thinks he is the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, the funniest human in the world.  He watches an Olympic ice skater land 4 quadruple jumps and says  “I can do that.  That’s easy!”  Then he dances around the living room for ten minutes with a serious look on his face and asks if he got any reds.  (He never gets any reds.  He’s just that good.)

His favorite color is gold. But pink is way up there too.


(I couldn’t let him do it.  But I did write a picture book in which he ends up with this jacket.)

He has hatched so many Hatchimals that we think he might be turning into one himself.


Why yes, that’s a fitted sheet he’s wearing to dinner.  Why do you ask?

He is so excited to be six.  He’s not looking back for a second.


But that doesn’t mean I can’t.



Is this even the same kid?!

Pita pizzas
Lemon garlic broccoli
Fresh fruit
Sugar cookies

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