Leo’s Birthday List

I now present to you, without further ado, Leo’s birthday wish list.


Now, of course, we have honed in specifically on his request for a “TrophY!”  We are 100% going to get him one so that we can spend the rest of our lives making fun of him for the time asked for a trophy for his birthday.  The best part of all this is that we get to decide what the trophy is for.  Here are our top choices for what to have engraved on the trophy:

1.  Lifetime Achievement in Breathing

2. Beto of the Year
(Bonus: regiftable!)

3. Best Angry Face
(He would make the BIGGEST angry face for this)

4. Leo’s Big-Ass Trophy

5. YOLO!

As we have not decided anything yet, please feel free to leave your own suggestion in the comments section.  It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.


(In case you were wondering about the last thing on his list, it’s “Easter decorations for Mom!”  He knows I love decorating for the holidays, so he asked me what holiday I don’t have many decorations for and added it to the list.)

(The "Jewelry!” is for him, though.)

Pesto meatball cannelloni
Green beans with garlic, cilantro, and cashews
Great Harvest bread
Lemon meringue pie

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