Mountain Men (and One Girl)

Last weekend we banded together with three other families for a weekend in the mountains, for a crew totaling 8 adults, 11 boys, and 1 girl. 


Before you get too worried about the lone girl, though, you should know that the gender lines were at time a bit blurry.  Several of the boys had longer hair than the girl, plus there were these two:


(Leo in his pink snow pants)


(Vincenzo in his hat with braids, reading about chocolate facials)

It was not a weekend for anyone watching their carbs.


After a few rough calculations, we estimated everyone needed to eat 1-1/2 loaves of bread over the course of two days.

Other calculations we did included how many boys and/or pandas can fit on a single sled.


The numbers were crunched again and again.


Which resulted in the crunching of some sleds as well.


There were hopeful beginnings…


and there were some disastrous ends.


The indoorsy types were in board game heaven all weekend.


As were the Vikings fans.


Over the weekend, bruises were earned, blood was shed, bread was eaten, board games were beaten, but not once did the boys get in a fight that we needed to break up.  They were actually quite sweet, playing and taking care of each other.  Sweet but loud crazy and energetic and sometimes bloody.

Here’s the whole lot of us, minus the photographer.  (What a sucker!)


But if I had to pick one picture to summarize our weekend with 8 adults, 11 boys, and one girl, it would have to be this one.


I think we all need a vacation!

Tilapia with citrus bagna cauda
Cumin black beans
Lemony green beans
Lemon meringue pie

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