Christmas x Five

Leo on Christmas:

He didn’t know what he wanted for Christmas this year.  In his letter to Santa, all he asked for was a cotton candy maker for his friends, Ian and Harley, because they didn’t have one and he did.  I apparently missed the mark by getting him a pair of Seahawks sweatpants for Christmas.  He opened the box then looked up at me.  “Why did you give me clothes?!”

His brothers seemed to know him better than anyone, though, and they got him a Hatchimal.  I had never heard of them before.

They came in an egg, which Leo got to hatch himself, and the look on his face as he was hatching his babies was worth every cent.  And there are many, many cents in a Hatchimal.  (7,000 of them, not including all the tax cents.)  I kid you not, watching him hatch his babies gave me a taste of what it’s like to actually become a grandparent.  The love and tenderness on Leo’s face, the joy when his baby hatched?  I actually teared up a bit when the egg cracked open.


And it was twins!  I looked up at Kevin and said emotionally, “Our first grand dragons!” 

And now that I have written the words “grand” and “dragon” right next to each other like that on the Internet I’m sure I have been put on some list somewhere, but does it help to include pictures of my grand dragons?


Leo promptly named them Joe and Shane.  Shane is the pink one.

Rocco on Christmas:

He woke up many times on Christmas Eve night, much to his older brother’s chagrin.  Vincenzo said once Rocco woke him up to sing “Silver Bells to him,” once to tell him it was still snowing, and twice to check to see if Santa had come.  (He had.  Was the second check really necessary?)  Kevin found him building one of his Christmas Eve Lego sets at 2AM.

All the kid wanted for Christmas was Legos, and when he unwrapped a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve, he tried to act happy but I could tell he was disappointed.  Ironically, it has now been three days since he has taken off said pajamas.

Santa Claus delivered, though, with the number one Lego set Rocco wanted: the white house.  As he sat building it that morning, he said, “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!”  He said he had been dreaming of that set for so long, it felt unreal.

Even though we were gone all of Christmas Day, somehow Rocco had built all of this by 9AM the day after Christmas.  Kevin nailed it when he said that Rocco is chainsmoking Lego sets.


Well, they say to smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, and Rocco smoked ‘em all.  (Now the poor guy is all out and keeps eyeing his brothers’ unopened Lego sets.)

Vincenzo on Christmas:

This guy is impossible to buy for.  He always says he doesn’t know what he wants, and he’s right.  He doesn’t know.  Actually, in his Santa letter he said he wanted less for Christmas this year—less homework, less chores, less arguing with his brothers.  Instead, he got a pair of headphones. 


And he gets to use them less than he wants to.

The relatives didn’t know what to do with Vincenzo, and even though I told all of them to get him sweatshirts since he goes through them like single-use items, instead he ended up with this: 


So here is Vincenzo, playing with all his Christmas toys.


(Yes, that is Leo in the background wearing his new pink unicorn pajama pants and night vision spy goggles.)

Kevin on Christmas:

Kevin had asked for a coat for Christmas, and one day in December he noticed that I had written “coat for K” on my to-do list.  When I looked at my to-do list later that day, I saw that he had changed the “c” in “coat” to a “g.”  So he got this for Christmas.


I never knew someone could rock a goat shirt the way he can! 

Also, we had gone shopping for his first set of business-casual clothes earlier in the year and both he and the sales guy nearly made me leave the store for suggesting a shirt that had little owls on it.  So who can blame me?


I really had no choice.  He also had asked for a flask, why I have no idea, but I found the perfect one.

81St2I Lg L._SL1500_

It even came with a note about how this flask is for “winners.”  It’s a small concession I made, after having cut Kevin’s Make America Great Again shirt in half the day Trump got elected.

Me on Christmas:

Kevin was super busy this year, so I did him a favor and bought my own gifts.  He will not stop making fun of me for it.  But man, did I score some nice stuff.  And so much of it, too!  Sweatshirts, shoes, pajamas—all the things my boys hated getting for Christmas.  I can’t figure out a way to take a funny picture of them, so instead, here’s a picture with another favorite Christmas gift:


His and hers saliva collection kits! Wow, I really want to make a crass comment about spit vs. swallow, but my blog is too classy for that.

Breakfast for dinner:
Hash browns
Fried eggs

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