Da Kids

1. Leo has a Christmas joke for you.

Leo: What’s the difference between an alphabet and a Christmas alphabet?
You: I don’t know, what?
Leo: The Christmas alphabet has no E!  Get it?!

(He means no L.)

2. I was talking to the boys about an upcoming funeral and this conversation happened:

Me: Leo, were you at Mrs. C’s funeral with us last year?
Leo: I think so.  Was that the one with the glow sticks?

3. Rocco: Mom, I don’t feel comfortable in the classroom because the humility level is too high. 

(He meant humidity.)


The other night I asked the boys to clear the table after dinner.  They took care of their plates then said they were done. 

Me: Boys, what about all the other dishes?
Rocco: We didn’t put that stuff there.

5. I’m always making charts for the boys when their behavior dips below acceptable levels—for everything from following directions to wiping their butts after they poop.  Not joking; we actually do need a wiping chart for one of our kids, and he’s not the first one to have that chart.  Anyway, I found this on the fridge the other day.


It’s a chart to keep me from leaving my computer on the floor.


Oh, I’m sorry—this appears to be a computer shart, not chart. 

Ironic, considering I’m not the one who has to have my underwear checked for poo stains each night.

So that’s a slice of daily life in our house.  Kevin has forced me to take a two week break from writing, since I am full time momming for the next two weeks, and I have to say, it’s kind of nice.  I don’t have to hate what I did at the end of each day!  Except I accidentally wrote picture book today. 

Well, nobody’s perfect.

Smoked salmon alfredo
Lemon garlic beans
Christmas cookies

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