FU too

Sorry if today’s post is disjointed or doesn’t make sense at all.  I’ve actually been writing a lot lately—not blog stuff, but picture books and novels.  Not good picture books and novels, but certainly word-filled books and novels.  Thus, I’ve kind of used up all my words this week.   I dragged this blog up from my drafts folder just so I had something to give you all.

Situation A:

I texted Vincenzo the other day that he left his lunch in the fridge at home.  He texted back not to worry because he was having a big bowl of FU for lunch.  A big bowl of F.U.?  I thought that was a pretty metal response for a quiet, skinny middle schooler, and I could feel my respect for him bump up a notch.

But then when he got home from school I had him describe his lunch to me, and his description looked like this:


Not very metal after all.

Situation B:

I was talking to Vincenzo and his friend about A Modest Proposal (you know, that essay about how we can solve both overpopulation and starvation by eating children) and they got the point of it quite quickly.

Alex, imagining the future: Mmm, something smells delicious.
Me: It’s Vincenzo!
Alex:  Are you sure he’s safe to eat?
Me: It’s okay, I washed his hands before dinner.
Alex: Oh look, Vincenzo’s already at the table.  Or—er—on the table!
Me:  Yes, and this is his little sister, Breakfast, his brother, Thanksgiving Dinner, and “Light Snack,” the baby!

It was frightening how easily that conversation came to all of us.

Situation C:

Me: Thanks for cleaning the griddle!
Kevin: No prob.  I always follow through.
Me: Yes.  Three days after I ask, you always follow through.
K, leaning in: Don’t I get a kiss?
Me: Yep.   
K: I’m still waiting…
Me: Yep.  Just three days left until you get that kiss…

Scalloped potatoes
Turkey kielbasa
Lemon garlic green beans

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