Requisite Halloween costume photo:


Bonus individual shots:

Some kind of a…raccoon, I want to say?  From Guardians of the Galaxy?


Spiro the Skylander:


And a “wiking,” i.e. a viking with a speech impediment.


I shouldn’t love Halloween as much as I do, with all its sugary craziness, but I do.  I love how Rocco’s mission in trick-or-treating was to collect all his aunt’s favorites, since she was standing back on the curb.  I love that when Rocco fell down and spilled all his candy, as he does every year, all the sixth graders got down on their hands and knees to pick it up for him.  I love that Vincenzo held little Cal’s hand for most of the time, even if it meant he missed a few houses.  I love that Leo, my sugar addict, wanted to quit early and just head home.  I love that afterwards, everyone set up their candy shops in the house and each boy felt they were getting the best deal in the trading.  There were some very strange economics happening there.

Christmas is fun and all, but if I had to pick I think I might choose Halloween.




Chicken stir-fry
Brown rice

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