Regular Stuff

From the kindergarten classroom this week: I was working with a group and some kids had finished early, so I got out the white boards and asked them to write any words they knew.  I looked over at one kid’s white board to see he had written this:

                     HOT ABS

Oh dear, I guess I’ll have to stop wearing my bikini to class.

We’re just plodding along at lightning speed over here.  I’m still majorly stressed about Vincenzo’s homework, which he is mildly stressed about.  I feel so bad he has almost zero free time, and as soon as he does get some free time I’m going to make him write thank-you cards for his birthday that was three weeks ago.  It’s been on his list every day since then, but he’s never made it that far down the list, poor guy.

Rocco’s troubles with the Redo Kid seem to have faded, and now he is dealing with the Whadja Get kid.  The Whadja Get kid constantly wants to know how far Rocco has made it in Reflex math (the school’s on-line math program), which has resulted in Rocco begging to stay up late to get some more problems in and asking me to wake him up early to do some more.  Poor Rocco—he’s never felt competitive with an individual before, but when it’s in his face so much, how could he not?

Leo has fully embraced life as a kindergartener and can often be seen locked in frontwards or backwards hugs with the other kids in his class.  He’s learning to read now, so if you ask him if he wants water or milk with breakfast, he’ll answer, “Mm-mm—I want M!”  He thinks he might have broken the sound barrier when he ran down the hallway last week.  Mostly importantly, he still begins every day thinking he’s a cat and wanting to be pet on my lap.  Mew!

So everything and nothing have changed.  I’ve been trying to do a little writing, so some days I think I am brilliant but most days I think I am a dolt.  I feel like an animal that needs to chew its writing arm off in order to save its whole self, and today seems like a good day for gnawing.

Plum pork loin
Roasted potatoes
Green beans with dill

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