Weal Life

So there was this dad reading to the kids at kindergarten the other day, and he was about to read a poem about collections.  I loved what happened during the discussion.

Dad: Does anyone here have any collections at home?
Leo: I do!
Dad: What do you collect?
Leo: Money!
Dad: Money!  Wow.  I think we all wish we had a collection of that, am I right?  Who else collects something?
Girl: I do.  I collect wocks.
Dad, a little confused: Oh…so you collect walks?
Girl: No, wocks.
Dad:  Oh, excuse me.  You collect locks.  That’s really neat!
Whole class:  No, WOCKS!  WWWWWOCKS!
Dad: ??

Rocks.  She collects rocks.  I just love how the entire class of kindergarteners tried to help, but their collective voice has a speech impediment.

I think if I ever go back to teaching, I’m going to have to go for kindergarten.  The comedy level is off the charts there.

Leftovers, from chicken curry to honey plum ribs.

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