MrsMouthy Bathed

It’s the third week with all my kids in school and much to my surprise, I continue to exist.  In fact, I get a little hop-and-skip feeling in my chest when the last kid gets on the bus each morning and I go home to do everything or nothing.  Whereas Fridays used to be my favorite days, is it going too far to say that now I look forward to Mondays more than any other day?  That’s right, Garfield—I said it!

Yesterday I spent three hours making a pie,  rode my bike for two hours, and then Princess Di and I hopped in the tub together for an hour.


I thought I’d feel guilty if I ever spent an hour in the tub while my kids toiled away at school and Kevin slaved away at work, but there was no guilt!  My legs were so worn out, my brain was worn out, and I had not spent an hour in the bath in more years than I have fingers.  It felt very earned.

And now I just have 11 years and 364 days my next one.

Mama Subway is cooking for us tonight

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