Oh, Time.

sWow, so it’s been one week since all the boys have been in school and so far I’ve gotten elctroacupuncture, had head therapy, gotten boys to the dentist, speech therapy, and the orthodontist, went for a bike ride, hiked a mountain, vacuumed the car, baked a triple layer peanut butter chocolate macaron cake, planned our spring break vacation, made a set of birthday cards, scrapbooked for hours on end, and finally pulled that giant weed that was growing on my garden path all summer.

Of course, that means that I haven’t done about 90% of the things on my list.  I’m kind of panicking a little.  But thanks to the head therapy, not too much.  I’m actually having way more fun than I thought I would, minus the guilt I feel at not having written a novel yet.  I was actually sad when the weekend rolled around and I had to stop getting so much done.

An update on the boys:

Leo came home on his second day of school very excited.
Leo: Today I got to go to PE!!!
Me:  How fun!  What did you do at PE?
Leo: Oh, mostly we sang songs.  One of the songs was about colors.

(He thought music was that magical class his brothers always talked about–PE.)

Rocco came home with his own interesting news.


He has such an adventurous palate.

And Vincenzo came home with his very first F.  He is currently failing LA/SS.  I looked on-line and saw it’s because he didn’t turn in the assignment I watched him complete the night before

Here’s me not being surprised at all.


Twice baked potatoes (ham/cheddar and bacon/broccoli)
Salad (my usual)
Peanut butter chocolate macaron cake

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