Since My Baby Left Me

In case anyone was wondering how Leo felt about going to kindergarten for his first time ever…


I had to tell him to smile a little less–not all of us felt like we won the lottery when we woke up this morning.


I cried when the bus doors closed and this big-eyed, golden-haired, happy boy wasn’t standing by my side, holding my hand anymore.


I’ve never cried when I put a kid on a bus before.  I have traditionally skipped home, turned on the 80s tunes, busted out the Oreos, pulled out all my crafting supplies, and hosted a Party for One in my basement. 

Today I didn’t feel like skipping.  Instead I came home, moved the sprinkler and then started crying, thinking how when I turned the sprinkler on earlier that morning I still had a preschooler at home with me, and now I have a big time elementary schooler who is very much not at home with me.

Then I remembered how I stood in that same garden twelve years ago, crying, the day Kevin came home and I told him I was pregnant and life as I knew it was over. 

Life can be so poetic.

I’m going to sit at home today, garden a bit, blog a bit, glance at my craft supplies, nurse this sad little heart of mine, and remember that the last time I thought life was over, it had just begun.

But oh, those last twelve years.


Chicken parmesan
Roasted broccoli
Something oozing chocolate

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