And They’re Off!

I think I have lost my status as mom because I did not post back-to-school pictures of my boys on Tuesday.  It’s just that this year, it’s—well, it’s complicated.

Vincenzo leaves for the bus now at 7:15, before his brothers wake up.  This has given Leo the impression I sent his older brother off to boarding school.  Rocco leaves at 8:15 and Leo will too, only kindergarteners start a week later for reasons only God or the devil understand, so he hasn’t even had his first day of school yet.

Leo did have a meeting with his teacher this week, and I love that his first act at kindergarten was one of great sarcasm.

Ms. J: Okay, Leo, right here where it says “name” you’re going to write your name, okay?  Write your name.


(He wrote “name.”)

Of course, he might be doing a little better than Rocco, who woke up on his first day like this:


Fortunately, he got himself straightened out and ready to go, accessories and all.


And that’s more than I can say for Leo.


It’s going to be an interesting year, to say the least.

Pan-fried tofu
Fresh fruit
Phyllo apple pie a la mode

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