Harvest Time

So you know how Kevin donated bone marrow several years back?  I always knew my husband was very easy to get along with, and it’s true right to the middle of his bones—he has been the match for not one, not two, not three, but four people in need so far.  The first one he donated via PBSC; the second and third did not opt for a transplant in the end; the fourth did—or more accurately is, and Kevin is scheduled to donate in October.

The brochure mentions that just because you are on the donor list doesn’t mean you have to donate.  Of course, it casually explains, the person in need will die if you don’t.  The recipient this time is a 13-year-old boy, so…

Because the patient is a child this time, Kevin can’t do the PBSC procedure; he’s got to do the ol’ “crack your hip open” way.  It’s not really like that; they just stick a needle into his hip, but he likes to say they’re going to crack his hip open.  Actually, after looking at the picture he prefers to say they’re going to stick a needle into his “upper butt” area.  I think he is the reason the donors are kept anonymous.


I read that if Kevin doesn’t get put under general anesthesia for the procedure, he’ll get a spinal or an epidural.  I helpfully offered to lend him my hypnobabies CD’s instead, in case he wants to try without an epidural for a more natural, drug-free bone marrow extraction experience.

All joking aside, I am in awe of my husband, who has donated over 5 gallons of blood in his life; who was in quite a lot of pain the first time he donated bone marrow; who donated plasma last year and got so sick I almost took him to urgent care; who didn’t hesitate to say yes again to discomfort, pain, and the unknown in order to save another life.

Also, he wants to be called Captain Awesome on my blog from now on, and even though it will cause me my own discomfort and pain to do so, I’m going to say he earned it.  Captain Awesome, thanks for being so damn compatible.

And now I invite you to all reread the title of this post and appreciate its ingenuity.

Spaghetti & meatballs
Fruits & vegetables
Blackberry pie with the burned parts of the crust picked off in disgust

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