Times Are A-Changin’

The boys start school in two weeks and I alternate between being super excited for everything I’ll finally be able to do and being terrified that I’ll be completely at a loss as to what to do.  I alternate between these two gripping emotions 100 times a day—100 times an hour—and it’s exhausting! 

As always, I have a list.  A gigantic list that grows and swells and molts out of its old skin into new, bigger skin every couple of days.  It includes everything from the fun (reading a whole book!) to the painful (laser hair removal) to the mundane (vacuuming the car) to the ridiculous (training for an Olympic sport—any Olympic sport!).  There are dozens of other things on the list, and that just covers the first week the kids are back.

Everyone tells me it’s not as much time as I think it’s going to be.  The time will fly by.  I won’t know where it’s gone.  Funny, that’s the same thing they said when I had babies.  I hate that they were right.

On top of my fun list are all the regular daily activities of cooking big, managing the kids’ schedules, volunteering in classrooms, cleaning house, gardening, exercising, PTSA commitments, planning vacations, blogging, etc.

With all these plans and ideas, with all these lists, I am nothing if not prepared for the start of school.  I feel like I’m all geared up for a hike, I’ve got my hiking boots on, got my topographic map in my hand, I’m strapped up to my giant backpack—and I’m just standing here by the door for a hike that starts in two weeks.  I don’t want to miss any of these last days of summer with my boys by looking too far ahead, but I don’t want what’s ahead to catch me unprepared.

Fridge scraps

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