14th Anniversary

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary.  I think the 14th one is bee themed because today this showed up out of the blue:


It’s times like this that I am more thankful than ever that I am still married.  As much as I’m for gender equality, spraying the hornet’s nest is definitely a man’s job.

We’re not all that bad off, though—we did spend the weekend celebrating. This year, instead of having someone come watch the kids while we went out, we sent the kids away so we could stay at home and do nothing.  It’s been an exhausting 14 years and frankly, we’re worn out.

For a weekend staying of at home doing nothing, though, we weren’t home very much.  We spend Friday doing something for Kevin and Saturday doing something for me.  Kevin’s choice:



Shopping, eating, and drinking.

My choice:



Some girl took that picture of us and spent awhile getting into just the right position to get it right.  I complimented her skillz and she shrugged and said, “It’s the younger generation—we know how to take Selfies.”

So maybe this anniversary is the Snarky Millenials anniversary.

Also, this just in:


Who knew??!

Oh wow.  I just looked up what the 14th anniversary gift actually is, and you’ll never guess.  It’s ivory. 

Does anyone know when elephant hunting season begins?

Orange-tamarind chicken
Brown rice
The Cooke a la mode

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