First Week of Summer

One week in, and school feels like an eternity ago.  All the bigness of Vincenzo’s promotion and Leo finishing preschool seem like a tiny blip on life’s radar.  Here are some highlights from our first week:

We kicked off summer with a weekend at the beach with McStreamy & Co. 


We almost got chased off the beach by this four-armed sea monster with backwards legs and a foot coming out of its butt.


The things the tide can wash up!  The boys ran around the beach, picking up any creatures they dared to pick up and trying to find sink holes.




After a whole day of that, the boys decided they needed a nap.


Just kidding!  Nap time actually looked like this:


Kidding again.  Naptime was just a mythical concept for us that weekend.

On the way home from the beach we stopped at another beach. 

Me: Leo, take your hand away from your mouth so I can get a good picture of you.




But I always win, so here’s an actual good picture of Leo.


Later in the week we hit up the terracotta warriors at the PSC.


They got photobombed by that  terracotta warrior behind them.  He totally stole the spotlight, too.

While at the PSC the boys and their auntie spent a lot of time and energy on the exercise bike where you pedal until you have burned off all the calories in a soda.  That made the kids thirsty, so we went to the cafe.


Something tells me he missed the point.

This week Rocco also completed his entire library reading chart


Then he made a new one with his own prizes listed and had me photocopy it, just in case.


In between all that there were hot dog roasts, swim lessons, Farmer’s Market, dinner on the beach, sleepovers, jam-making, video game playing, play dates, a whole day spent at the beach, card games, a trip to the zoo, doctor’s appointments, speech therapy, and a ton of other things that aren’t even on the summer list, which is hard to believe when you see my summer list.


And my other summer list.


And my third summer list.


We might just have to take next year off of school.

Crab cakes
Prawns & bay shrimp
Pasta salad with tomatoes, cukes, and perline mozzarella
Greek rice with Feta
Fresh fruit

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