Over My Weekend…

Rocco brought home his “Over My Weekend” journal from school, and it was full of cute and shocking revelations about what he did on his weekends in the first grade.  In Rocco’s world, we are neighbors with Magon and Lew, he plays Mincraft with his frinds, and our Christmas tree is decorated with butful ornaments.

In this journal entry, he even gives the town of “Coupeville” a new name:


There was this entry that made me smile:


It’s even funnier when you realize it’s his baby brother he’s talking about here, not his older one.

There was his first grader’s re-wording of play titles into simpler terminology:


I imagine “The Boy Said ‘Wolf’” is just like “The Boy Who Cried ‘”Wolf,’” only without any of the drama or plot.  A boy just walks onto the stage, says, “Wolf,” walks off the stage, and the play is over.  The audience applauds wildly.

There was the story he titled “Rocco the Gingerbread Man” where you could see the mental struggle he went through at the end, whether to kill of the main character when the main character is himself…or not:


There was the story of the parrot who had no friends, so he made friends with a butterfly and in the next sentence…


Don’t you love a story with a happy ending?

It was enlightening to see what Rocco thinks of my cooking, taken from his entry on Mother’s Day weekend:


I became concerned with Rocco’s morals at some point, as this entry was all about how much he loves stealing from good people:


But that was nothing compared to what he did one weekend in December.


I can’t end on such a shocking note, so instead I will distract you with a picture of an epic game of “solatare.”


Hot dogs
Lemony pasta salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta
Pea, cheddar, and bacon salad

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