Sleeping like a Baby

Okay, I know it’s crazy, but ever since I wrote that insomnia post, I’ve been sleeping like a baby.  Not an older, cries-all-night baby but a brand new, sleeps-through-anything, newborn baby.

And speaking of newborn babies…


Meet Cal’s baby brother, George.


I know what you would say if you were looking at these pictures over my shoulder, so I’ll say it for you: Look at that HAIR! 

I feel so blessed to have been allowed to share and steal these beautifully sacred moments from this loveliest of families.  Every member of this family just radiates joy, and it feels good to stand near them and soak up some of that joy.  They’re very generous with it.

Baby George and his family live literally right next door to me—I mean, I can see their house as I’m writing this—and it is taking all my strength to not head over right now, knock on the door, and demand to hold their little baby.  It’s a good thing I’m not wearing pants, because that’s probably the only thing stopping me right now.

But tomorrow is another day, and I’ve got a pair of pants all laid out for myself, and I can’t wait for morning to come.

Oven-fried chicken
Potato, pear, and Tillamook cheese soup
Fresh bread
Chocolate chip cookies

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