Mother’s Day

When Rocco woke up on Mother’s Day he walked straight into my bedroom and handed me my gift.  “Here’s your Mother’s Day present, Mom!”


After I finished making a big deal about my single m&m, he gestured to his brothers’ rooms at said, “It’s from all of us.”

I held the sticky m&m in my hand and knew the indeed, it was from all of them.  I was so touched.  But not nearly as touched as that m&m was.  It was very very touched.

Leo woke up a few minutes afterward and presented his gift to me.


As soon as I opened it, Rocco took over and started explaining every detail of the candle holder that Leo had made.

Then Vincenzo presented me with his Mother’s Day gift (banana for scale).


Compared to the single m&m, this was a mountain of treasure!

Compared to Vincenzo’s candy collection from whence it came, it suddenly didn’t seem like such a generous gift.


Once Leo saw what a big deal I made over the two chocolates Vincenzo gave me, he dug deep into his own candy bin and presented me with these.


These boys really know how to spoil a girl.  Next year I’m hoping for a couple gummy bears they dig out of their coat pockets, still warm.

All in all, it was a lovely day full of surprises and in the end the boys gave me the best gift of all: something to blog about.

Harissa marinated steaks
Roasted asparagus
Squash with brown sugar & cinnamon

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