Grand Canyon VI—Oh No She Di’int!

Oh yes I did…one more post.  You thought I was done but BOOYAH I might NEVER  be done.

On vacation, Leo was happy to see that everywhere we went, fries were on the menu.  It’s all he ate for his first four straight meals, plus all of his meals after that.


I mean, he ate so much deep fried food, his neck actually disappeared.


I should probably take him into the pediatrician to have his cholesterol checked.

He’s not the only one whose eating habits went out the door, though.  At the beginning of the trip I would tell the boys at breakfast, “Make sure you have a serving of fruit in between your servings of waffles.”  By the end of the trip I was saying, “Just make sure that at least one of your ice cream scoops is a fruit-flavored one.”

While waiting for a ranger talk at the Grand Canyon, Leo worked on his Junior Ranger book.  I loved this page where he got to draw in one of the sights he saw at the Grand Canyon.


It’s a railing.  (Technically it was something he felt more than saw, as all the railings were at the exact height of his forehead.)  If there had been a second box to fill in, no doubt Leo would have drawn a few butts and crotches as well.

After we got back from our week of traveling, of seeing new parts of the world and different climates, of pink Jeep tours and daring escapes from hotel rooms, of visiting cousins and friends, and of eating our body weight in fries, someone asked Leo, “So what was your favorite part of vacation?”

You know what that stinker said?

“Playing video games.”

What a freaking turd.

Okay, now I am really, really done writing about the Grand Canyon.  I actually do have other blog posts lined up, waiting to go, so don’t lose hope, dear readers, don’t lose hope.

French dip sandwiches
Fruit & veggies
Chocolate chip cookies

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