Grand Canyon V: The Final Post. For Now.

Here it is, the final post about our vacation.  At least, I think it’s the final one.  It might just be that from here on out this blog just rehashes that one time we got on a plane and actually went somewhere.

After the Grand Canyon we drove northish and eastish to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her family.  Las Vegas is a  place where springtime actually feels and looks like springtime, which felt like a magic trick to those of us living under a perpetually gray sky.

We spent our mornings lazing about and spent our afternoons playing with my sister’s kids.  Kevin was on Leo duty mostly, so I played Uno with my niece, Shelby.  Then I took her swimming with the boys.  Afterwards, I read stories to her until she completely konked out.


Then when she went back home and my sister asked her what she did all day, what did she say? “I played with Uncle Kevin!”

It must be so easy to be an uncle.

Hopefully this is the first and last picture posted to the Internet of Shelby passed out in an inflatable on the floor of a Vegas hotel.


She wasn’t the only one of us to pass out in Vegas, though.


These guys are going to be a lot of fun in college.

Sharon told us a hilarious story of the time Shelby wanted to go potty on the basketball court at the park and ended up being football-carried out of the park by her dad while screaming, “I want to go potty in public!  I want to go potty in public!”

Minutes after hearing that story, we passed this sign in one of the hotels.


Which brings up a philosophical question: Does the whole “What happens in Vegas” rule apply to people who actually live there?

Anyway, our hotel gave us little reason to leave it—it came with its own movie theater, bowling alley, arcade, swimming pool, workout room, and also a spa just to remind us that we are on a family vacation with kids who want to go bowling so hahaha NOPE


The real reason I’m here today, though, is to toss you some pretty, shiny pictures of my almost-three-year-old niece and my littlest nephew.


Altogether now: “AWWWWWW.”

Why can’t vacation days be every day?

Vietnamese caramel pork
Steamed broccoli

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