Grand Canyon Part 4 of Yes I’m Still Blogging About This

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We flew into Phoenix on a Wednesday, and since we were stuck in traffic, Renee said she’d hack into the ADOT to get all the lights changed to green for us.


WTF, Renee?  (She blamed it on the fact that she is not only legally blind, but she is color blind as well.  Some people are such whiners.)

We met up at Fuddruckers for burgers and shakes, then the light turned green and we were off to our next city.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

The next day was sunny and 70.  We drove north to the Montezuma Castle, which we found out was not a castle at all but more like an ancient apartment complex.


It really should have been named the Montezuma Projects, and we kept pressing the lock button on our car keys, just to be sure.

We hopped back on the freeway and until we hit Sedona, where we dropped our bags then headed to Slide Rock State Park.  It was a little too cold for my boys to jump in, but they loved climbing around the rocks.


Rocco: Is this the Grand Canyon, Mom?


Me: If you have to ask if it’s the Grand Canyon then no, it’s not the Grand Canyon.



Vincenzo discovered two wet, abandoned socks that he pulled to higher ground.  Here he is, moments after the sock rescue.  Just an ordinary boy doing extraordinary things.  (The socks can be seen on a rock behind him, gazing with admiration upon the young hero.)


Rocco found the raging waters of Oak Creek to be…inspiring.


Fun fact: In the summers, sometimes Slide Rock Park has so many visitors it gets closed due to high bacterial levels!

Please note that Leo’s legs had stopped working in the following picture.


The next morning was 30 degrees and a little snowy.


My boys are either catching snowflakes in their mouths or eating an energy vortex.  In Sedona, it’s hard to tell.

Oak Creek ran behind the hotel, and my boys did what they always do when they are near water…


…they built a dam.  I swear, they must have been beavers in their past life.  They spent a whole hour trying to dam up this little piece of the river.  Zoom out to see how many fudgsicles the river gave about their little dam.


Rocco must have been feeling competitive because he saw Vincenzo’s wet socks from the previous day and raised him one pair of crusty men’s underwear.


That afternoon we took a Pink Jeep Tour through the red rocks of Sedona, and while Kevin looked like he had some regrets on the ride, the boys sat in the back saying, “WHEE!  WHEE!  WHEE!” all the way. 


Sadly, we didn’t capture a WHEE moment here, but I felt like the moment needed a picture.

We stopped at a lookout point to get a photo taken and to “water” the “his and hers juniper bushes.”


Our jeep driver, Mike, knew absolutely everything about everything we passed by.  Of course, it was hard for him to share this info with us because any time he started to drop some knowledge on us, Rocco would take over and give us his explanation of the landscape, then Vincenzo would interrupt to tell Rocco he doesn’t know snot about snot, then Leo would interrupt with some random rehash of the last video game he played.  Fortunately, Mike thought all this was hilarious.  And now we know that the reason the rocks are red is because the sun bakes them and Rocco I don’t think that’s true and one time in angry birds I got so many all with one explosion it was like BAM! BAM!  BAMBAMBAM!

So those were days .5, 1.5, and 2.5 of our trip. 

Pita pizzas

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