Grand Canyon Part 3 of I Don’t Know…maybe 20?

Okay, so we all had our fun reading about Vincenzo’s defining moment on our Grand Canyon/Vegas trip, so it’s only fair that I throw everyone else under the bus here, too.  We all had our moments on our vacation.

Leo, for example, frequently crumpled to the ground, saying his legs stopped working, and it would have been cute if he didn’t also say, “ENNNH!  ENNNNNH!” when we talked to him in this state.  He was such a pill we almost bought him this sweat suit, but the sarcasm level of buying this bordered on child abuse, so we decided against it.


Leo did his part to conserve water in the desert by skirting all opportunities to take a bath for the entire week.  By the seventh day, his hair was really more in the category of fur.


When I tried to pet brush this mess one day, it actually brushed me back.

Leo’s true defining moment came the day after Vincenzo’s, though, when he locked himself in the bathroom.


He wasn’t locked behind just one door but two doors in there, so we couldn’t even slip him a cyanide pill under the crack.  He was in too deep.  We called the maintenance guy, Kevin continued to try to talk Leo through the unlocking system, and I stood there helpfully taking pictures and thinking how I might caption them on a blog post.

Leo does love a good knock knock joke, so I’ll caption this one “Knock knock!”

The first of Rocco’s defining moment could not be captured in a picture.  If I had captured it, it would have been a three hour sound byte  of him talking nonstop to the sweet lady who had the great misfortune of sitting down next to him on the plane ride to Phoenix.  We kept trying to get him to stop, but the lady was very sweet and said she enjoyed sitting next to her chatty little companion, and thank goodness because “stop talking” is not something Rocco is programmed to do.

The best photo I captured of Rocco came on the evening he spent filling his swim shirt with air from the hot tub jets.


This photo should probably be included with all Epipens.  Does your child look like this?  If so, administer Epipen!


Picture caption: “Do you even lift?!”

Kevin’s defining moment came when he dropped us off in front of the Grand Canyon Visitor’s Center to join with Renee’s family, then he went to park.  There was no cell reception so we all waited for him…and waited…and waited…and two hours later finally decided we were just going to have to see the Grand Canyon without him.  Just at that moment he came around from the side of the building.  “Finally!” we said, “We can go see the Grand Canyon!”  He said, “What?  You haven’t seen it yet?”  Apparently he had been walking all over the trails, hogging the view all for himself while we waited in the visitor’s center for him.  Scumbag.

This picture’s caption is: “Hey Kev, will you take a selfie of us in front of the Grand Canyon?”


And my defining moment?  I guess it came during a rest stop in the Oak Creek Vista, when I found out that all my life, I’ve been doing it wrong.  (Or perhaps my defining moment came after the trip, when I actually opened Photoshop and edited a picture I took in a bathroom stall to post on my blog.)


Picture caption: “TIL.”

Chinese hot pot

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