Grand Canyon: Part Two of Some Amount

This past week of vacationing was so big, so full of memories and laughs and wonder, that the vacation itself made the Grand Canyon seem like a crack in the sidewalk.  I don’t know how I’m going to shrink it down to the size of a few blog posts, but lend me your foot; we’re going to try to cram this thing onto it.

Back in the dark ages, when brand new babies came complete with their own mommy blog handles, I met Renee of MommyBlogYay (the Yay is silent).  I loved everything about her, except that she was funnier than me.  I am a forgiving person, though, and thus we were still able to be friends.  Renee lives about 1,000 miles closer to the Grand Canyon than me, so last December I e-mailed her that our family was going to visit the Grand Canyon on April 1st, and wouldn’t it be awesome if her family wanted to join us?

She e-mailed that it would and that they did.  It felt like the best Christmas present ever.

We are both a little nerdy so we had fun referring to the upcoming trip as Grand Canfun and Grand Vanyon and variations thereof.  At one point, Renee even designed t-shirts for our trip but chickened out on getting them made up.


(Van Halen graphic for the VanAusdels, Beatles for the Betos.  Brilliant!)  Just knowing this design is out here on the Cloud forever now brings a smile to my heart.

Of course, we flew 1,100 miles to visit Renee and her family, we spent over 24 hours together, and we didn’t manage to take a single picture of ourselves together.

No worries, though—you guys have seen my mad Photoshop skillz before.


I see a picture like this, and I think the “Yay” shouldn’t be silent anymore.

Renee and I had a great time catching up, discussing everything from what the Jeopardy topics would have to be for us to have a chance (I’ll take Breakfast Foods for $500, Alex) to what is more amazing—the Grand Canyon or a jar of Goober, which includes both peanut butter and jelly (both made us say, “Woah!” but only one brought us nearly to tears).

Both our husbands are just oozing that cool dad vibe, but as you can see one is definitely oozing it more than the other.



Of course, neither of them is cool enough to hang with  this guy.


All these pictures really are is an excuse to show you some flat, washed out, tiny little 2×3 pictures of the world’s largest, deepest, most grandiose natural wonder, so I guess I’ll just let loose.





But you know what this spectacular view is really missing?  A bunch of people standing in front of it!





There we go.  Much improved.

Kalbi flank steak
Roasted potatoes

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