Baby on Loan

My neighbor’s sweet baby boy, Cal, had been getting sick a ton at day care so she decided  to take me up on my frequent offer of, “Want to give your baby to me?” 

Two days a week I get to hang out with this guy, and three days a week he goes to my sister’s.


The first couple days were kind of weird, when I’d be at the grocery store where everyone knows me and they’d look at the baby in my grocery cart and ask suspiciously, “Where’d you get the baby?”


“Ennnnh,” I’d say. “Don’t worry about it.”

It’s fun, having a baby in the house again to snuggle with and have conversations like, “Ai bai bai bai bai,” and, “Bizsha bizsha ibzsha bizsha.” 

Plus, babies happen to be my favorite thing to photograph.  My own kids have outgrown the phase where they look adorable doing everything (now they just look ridiculous and awkward), so now I get to measure my days again by the pictures I take.


Valentine’s Day was worth a million bucks.  Winking smile

This guy is so easy to watch, I feel like I should be paying to hang out with him instead of the other way around!

I’ll end with a few scenes from the week and the acclimation of Cal to the MrsMouthy household.

Learning the ins and outs of swordplay:


Bird watching and the Beto tradition of pantslessness:


Finger painting (he wasn’t sure he liked it all that much, and once he licked his fingers he knew he definitely did not like it):


Sending his mama a kiss:


Babies.  I’ve got one around again, and I didn’t have to be pregnant or lose a single night of sleep, and I am so thankful to have this guy and his parents living right next door to me!

Grilled grouper with gazpacho salsa
Rice pilaf
Buttered green beans
Toffee chip brownies

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