Just Yesterday

Fellow moms, I just want to prepare you for a day that is coming up in your future, or perhaps to empathize with a day from your past. 

There is going to be a day when some parent committee asks you to submit a baby photo of your child for the graduation ceremony slideshow, and you are going to spend hours perusing baby photos of your child and feeling so confused. 

“A baby picture for a graduation slideshow?” you’ll ponder.  “But I just took these pictures last month!” 

You must have taken them just last month because you remember everything about the day that photo was taken—how he wouldn’t stay still, how his arms and legs moved of their own accord and he looked like he was landing airplanes, how you giggled at seeing your son with a Ms. Piggy hairdo, how the cat stepped over him afterwards like he were a piece of laundry, how he got fussy so you picked him up and he rooted around your shoulder hopefully yet futilely.

You remember what the grass smelled like, how his giggle sounded, how he rolled and rolled around the lawn, how his dimple kept winking up at you and the sun, how you picked him up afterwards and squeezed his chubby thighs and rubbed his soft cheek against yours and whispered, “You’ll always be my baby, right?”

You remember how he smelled like a new day, how his skin felt like silk on yours, how his giggle spilled out of him like a brook, how he looked at you like he was in love, how your heart felt swollen for years until it had finally adjusted to the size of love that this baby stuffed in there.


And here you are, perusing pictures as if this all happened some other lifetime ago.

Then you look through more recent photos to find a picture of your child from today because the parent committee needs one of those, too, and you stick the two photos  next to each other in an e-mail like all those years in between are just a blink.


There they are in that e-mail, not even room for an exclamation point in between.

Yesterday.  Yesteryear.  You are all mixed up in my head, swirling like a sky full of clouds, and your song is so loud I can’t even hear Today.

Roasted red pepper & tomato soup
Green beans with dill
Oatmeal raisin cookies

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