Superhero Party: Of Capes and Cakes

Kevin has forbid me to overplan birthday parties after several dozen years (okay, over a decade’s worth) of them.  I promised him I would not go overboard.  I promised I would just plan a simple get-together with a few sandwiches.  Maybe I’d even buy a birthday cake this year.

Then I spent a month completely occupied with absolutely, definitely NOT planning the party.  All that not planning and not prepping consumed all my spare time and some of my non spare time these past few weeks.  It was downright exhausting, not planning this party.

The day before Leo’s party, I got a bit nervous.  He took a bath at noon, got into his pajamas, and at three told me he was tired and was just going to sleep a little bit.


In my experience, there is only one reason my boys ever, ever put themselves to bed, and it always involves a lot of vomit followed by a manic sanitizing of the house.  With some effort, I woke Leo up for dinner, but he wasn’t hungry.  Then he excused himself from the table and when we went to look for him after dinner, we found him asleep in bed.

I got kind of panicky.  I kept thinking of all the hours I spent NOT making capes, NOT sewing masks, NOT cutting out decorations and baking cakes.

But the birthday gods smiled upon me, and it turns out Leo was not sick after all, just really, really tired. 

And now, for pictures of a simple, bare-bones Heroes and Villains Party only No One Wanted to be Villains so it’s Really just a Superheroes Party, MrsMouthy style.

The invitations, with opening cape covers.  Basically just as easy as filing out an E-vite, right?


For a photo op, I turned our fireplace into a superhero cityscape. 


Once we got it up I realized the buildings were too small and were placed too high and kids were going to look like they were in extreme foreground for pictures.  But!  In the spirit of not overdoing the party, I did not rip it down and make a properly proportioned city.

The table decorations—not even homemade.  Look at me go!


The spread.  You know, “a few sandwiches.”


See, I even included some non-thematic food because that’s what people serve when they don’t overplan parties!


But then my sister held up a water bottle, decked out in a darling blue felt cape, and gave me a look.  This look.


And I knew my game was up.

Because that wasn’t the only water bottle wearing a cape.


And downstairs, kids were busily decorating their own capes and masks that my sister and I had sewn during the weeks before the party.  She can’t judge me too much, having been a collaborator.  She is such an enabler.


Also, there was a bouncy house.


And funny napkins.


And a hilarious game of “Hero, Hero, Villain,” a.k.a. “Duck, Duck, Goose.”  (Photo not available because I was too busy kicking all their little butts instead of taking pictures of the game.  Turns out I’m SUPER fast.)

Side note: Superhero parties are also a great chance to repurpose your super sexy Wonder Woman costume from the 90s…


Now for my favorite part of every party…the cake!!!


(Special thanks to Kathy from, who created the cake toppers and sent me my own personalized copy for free.  Who does that kind of thing?!)

And since we’ve admitted that I did go a teensy bit overboard on the party, Ima gonna go ahead and Photoshop that one cherry sour ball on the leftish side that is out of place on the above picture.  It’s driving me bonkers.


And since I’ve got Photoshop open, let’s go ahead and fix that frosting job.


I have to admit, that felt good.  That felt real good.

This next picture you really hear rather than see.  It’s the madness that happens between yelling out “CAKE TIME!” and actually getting the cake into the hands of the party-goers.


My favorite-ever pictures of candles being blown out.  I can’t even write captions for these pictures—they say it all.


Seriously.  Brothers.

Here’s Leo eating the smoke from his birthday candles.


*sniff* They grow up so fast.

Then there were presents.  Everyone picked such good ones, LOL!


I loved that the party was slowed down enough by this point that Leo would open a present, then he and his friends would all play with it before moving onto the next one.  I wish every party went that way, but this is the first time ever I’ve seen that happen!

Here is the gallery of Superheroes who look a little too far from the city to actually be of any help.


The above picture before editing:



So now my littlest baby is five.  In case you don’t believe it either, here’s proof:


It’s official: Leo is a handful.

Heart-shaped pizzas
Roasted broccoli 
Roasted cauliflower with Asian marinade 
Valentine Sundaes

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