Oh, MrsMouthy

My mom hasn’t left anything remarkably funny at my house lately, and without my favorite person to make fun of giving me material, I guess I’ll have to make fun of myself instead.

So my sister, Jnet, gave me this beautiful knitted gift for Christmas.


Sadly, these leg warmers didn’t fit me.  I tried and I tried, but I could not get the things over my feet.  I so wanted to wear those around, sticking up precociously from a pair of boots, but it wasn’t going to happen.  I figured Jnet had sized them on her own petite self, forgetting that her older sister is more of the she-gladiator type than the delicate waif type.  The next time Jnet came over, I handed them back to her.

“What?” she asked.  “Don’t you like the hand warmers I knitted for you?”


Suddenly it all made sense.

Those little protrusions there are not big toe holes, for example, but rather thumb holes.


It also explained this little tag covered with words that was hanging off of them.


Well,since Jnet was so helpful with the my “leg warmer” problem, that evening I sent her a picture of a pair of gloves I am hoping she can help me fix up.


I can’t find anywhere for my fingers to go!

(She said yes, she’d love to help me with my gloves and while she’s over she’ll fix up my bathroom signs—all the lettering is backwards on them!)

Aren’t sisters the TSEB?

Chicken coconut curry
Fish sticks
Crusty bread
Failed macarons (I’m trying to teach myself to make them.  It is a frustrating yet delicious process.)

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