Happy 2017!

Okay, it feels kind of weird to go from an “I’m so bummed out” post to a “Yay, party!” post, but then again, borderline manic depressive writer here.  This is just my life.

I used to hate New Year’s with a passion.  I felt like New Year’s was something mean that the world did to me to show me that a) I am not a fun party girl, b) I don’t even like drinking very much, c) I hate staying up past 9:30PM, and d) Christmas is undeniably over

Fortunately, about ten years ago I realized my friend, McStreamy, also hated New Year’s, so we decided to have an “I Hate New Year’s Parties” on New Year’s Eve.  We had quiet conversations, we drank very lightly, we ate lovely food, and we ended the party at 8.  We’ve gotten together every year since then, sometimes with a bigger crowd and sometimes with a smaller one, but I realized after sending the guests home at 8:01 last Saturday night that, and this is shocking, I love New Year’s.  I do!  I use it as an excuse to cook something I would never cook on my own, make an over-the-top dessert, and spend a few hours with some of my favorite people in the world.

Every year I set out a bunch of board games but every year we are talking and laughing so much that 8:00 comes way too quickly and we never even need board games to bring the fun.  We are already having it! 

This year, my neighbors brought the entertainment.  It was their one-year-old son, who ended up with his pants halfway down his legs and spent an hour throwing his arms in the air when we yelled, “Raise the roof!”  He’d laugh, we’d laugh, he’d try to walk, he’d fall down, we’d laugh, he’d laugh, he’d stand up, we’d yell, “Raise the roof!”


Many, many roofs were raised that night.

This year’s spread included a giant hunk of prime rib, smoked gouda mashed potatoes, a pear and gorgonzola salad, baked brie with pepper jelly, crusty bread, cheesy bread, and for dessert…


…a triple chocolate peppermint mousse trifle covered in chocolate leaves.  I’m all about the show stoppers.

For entertainment, the boys made their own New Year’s crackers.  (The present kind of cracker, not the kind you eat or the kind that  was white and owned slaves.)  They were super fun to make!  First we went to the bathroom regularly for two months and wiped consistently until we had about 8 TP tubes.  Then the boys made various Lego creations like cars, houses, and dragons.  They dissembled them, stuck the Legos for each creation into a tube and  labeled each tube.  Finally, we wrapped them up in a way that doesn’t make you think “Did I remember to wash my hands?” when you see them.


Guests each chose a tube and did their best to make whatever the tube told them to make. 


It was fun for the boys to see how differently others made the Legos from how they were originally constructed, but like a dunce I did not take any “before” pictures.  Here’s the “after” though.


That little collection of misfit robots, houses with car doors, and cars with house doors made for a lot of laughs. 

At around 8 we decided it was time to ring in 2017, so Kevin found a free New Year’s countdown on-line.  It was comically generic, with messages on it saying things like “Insert company name here,” but we counted down nonetheless because, after all, it was 8:00.


The funniest part came when we got down to 0 though.


Well, I did mention it was free, didn’t I?!

Happy 2017, everyone.  Heck, have a happy 2016 as well.


I heart New Year’s.

Orecchiete with chicken sausage and broccoli
Fresh vegetables

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