Little Things

Leo, coming out of his room in the morning ready for the day:


Hour three of an all-boy play date and the basement entrance looking like this:


Rocco, on “dress like a book character day,” telling us he wanted to dress up like Gerg. 

Me: Gerg?
Rocco: Yes, Gerg!
Me: Who or what is a Gerg?
Rocco: You know, Gerg!  From Diary of a Wimpy Kid!



Ohhhhhhh.  That Gerg.

Leo, seeing if his Christmas stocking still fits:


This shirt again:


I’m pooped.  I’m beat.  I’m wondering why humans decided not to hibernate, because I could really use a four-month-long nap right now.  Anyone else?

Chicken marsala
Roasted asparagus
Fresh fruit
Chocolate cake & ice cream

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