Wash Your Hands After Reading This

Wow, so Thanksgiving hit us like a truck, with each of us taking our turns being sick.  Kevin was the unluckiest of all, dressed and ready to go to Thanksgiving lunch when suddenly he looked at me with that look and said, “I have to stay home…”

We’ve had a week of dealing with bodily fluids, from one kid puking just five steps outside the door to his school to one coming out of the bathroom and saying, “The weirdest thing just happened.  Throw up just came out of my bottom!” 

We had to cancel our Thanksgiving dessert/appetizer party, which left me at home with 4 dozen cannoli, 6 dozen homemade truffles, 2 dozen mini pumpkin pies, and a sweet potato pie with gingersnap crust.  If anyone wants a plateful of dessert with a side of germs, please feel free to stop by!*

To quote a song I’ve heard way too many times in the past two days, It’s the holiday season so whoop-di-do, we’ve all got the flu…

At least, that’s the way it sounds in our house.

Chicken and dumplings
Salad with roasted peppers, garbanzos, feta cheese, and pepitas
All you can eat dessert buffet

*The desserts are actually germ-free, as I made them well after I had the flu, and I sanitized everything and myself a dozen times while baking each of them.

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