Mostly Back

Things are feeling kind of normalish since the election finally, which is…well, I don’t want to say good, so I’ll just leave it at well…

I still have this dark sense of foreboding lurking underneath all my other emotions, and I guess that discomfort is a good thing.  That and my “not normal” sticky note will hopefully remind me on a daily basis that we all can be better.  We all need to be better.

Anyway, things are well… enough for me to blog about what I love blogging about most: my ridiculous boys.  Today’s spotlight is on Leo.  I know the blog is a little lopsided in his favor these days, but I barely see V and R lately, and when I do they’re usually doing homework or begging for video game time.  I will spare you all the whining.

When Leo wakes up in the morning, I usually hear a soft pat-pat-pat-pat, a “hoo hoo” or two, then a bunch of pillow adjusting, and then there is this:


Except the morning after Halloween.  The morning after Halloween, Leo came out of his bedroom looking like this:


When I left Leo at preschool last week, he looked like this:


Preschool brass knuckles.  Very tough.

Leo has a best friend, William, and it’s so sweet how they take care of each other.  William always wears the green cape with a hood and carries around a black purse.  Leo always wears the rainbow cape and accessorizes with a lot of gem rings.  If William gets there first, he gets the rainbow cape and rings for Leo and waits for him at the door.  If Leo gets there first, he gets the green cape and black purse for William and waits for him at the door. 


They make a cute couple.


Then they sit in front of the mirror and shove in front of each other, saying, “You should look at me!”  “No, you should look at me!”  “No, look at me!” 


I think the classroom is going to need a bigger mirror.

When not at school (or begging to play video games), my boys been making beaded utensils for the holidays.  I think I found the most inefficient elf of the bunch.


I caught him taking selfies on my phone the other day.  Is four too young for a Facebook account?



We ran the Turkey Trot this weekend.  Leo’s layered look got a little out of control.


He was one stuffed-looking turkey!  My favorite moment of the run was after Rocco and I had doubled back on the course and we came upon Kevin/Leo, who had turned around at the one mile mark.  Leo saw us coming and his eyes popped open and he screamed to Kevin, “RUN!!!!”  The person running next to us laughed, and I explained, “Brothers.”

When I tuck Leo into bed each night, we talk about our highs and lows for the day.  I almost always say my high was napping next to him in my bed.  Then he tells me that that was his low of the day.


I’ve never known anyone to be so mistaken.

Saltines and Sprite*

*I woke up violently ill in the middle of the night, and let me tell you if I had seen that coming at dinnertime I definitely would not have ordered a pizza covered in jalapenos and buffalo sauce.  Blargh.

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