Still scrappin’

I spend an insane amount of my days neck deep in patterned paper, double-sided tape, brads, scallop die cuts, sticker letters, washi tape, and embellishments.  Yes, I am one of the nearly extinct scrapbookers still left in this world, and I treat scrapbooking like a job.  Kevin goes to work, I get the kids to school, then I head to the basement, a.k.a. “the coal mines,” to see what magic I can make out of a bunch of paper scraps and family photos.  At times I wish I could stop it all together so I could have more time to exercise, to get together with friends, to “surf the net,” or whatever it is modern folk do these days.  But then I swish the paper cutter down a piece of chartruse chevron paper and it makes the most beautiful, straight line, and I lay that paper atop a navy blue one, and I swoon.  I love colors, I love shapes, I love sticking things together and making gigantic messes, then cleaning them all up at the end of a page and starting all over again.

Each page I make takes a minimum of three hours, I figure.  (I’m too chicken to figure out how much each one costs!)  I have to choose the photos to use, edit them, browse catalogues and Pinterest for layout ideas, choose the right one, resize the photos, order the photos, receive the photos in the mail and black out for a day or so, chop the photos to size, try to make them work with the paper I have on hand, go to the craft store to pick out more papers, letters, and stickers, then go home and actually make the page.  It’s grueling and time consuming, but I feel so fulfilled by it.  Each page is a poem to me—an ode to a particular moment of life I never want to forget, and I get to choose exactly how I want to remember it.

The sad thing is, I’m the  only one who ever looks at the scrapbooks.  I had a special built-in cabinet made in our living room to house the scrapbooks, hoping the kids would pull them off and look through them every once in awhile, but alas.  I am the only one who ever pores over my labors of love.

But today, that changes.  Today, I am posting pictures of my most recent scrapbook here for you, lucky you, to view!  I just hate keeping all these hours of work and love to myself, so here you are—enjoy if you want to or just close your browser and go watch the election coverage.  This eye candy might make for a nice break from the promise of certain doom and destruction, though.

seabrookremodelIMG_3385aIMG_3386aIMG_3387a4th of julyIMG_3388aIMG_3389aIMG_3392aIMG_3393aIMG_3396aIMG_3399ar bday partyIMG_3402aIMG_3403aIMG_3404aIMG_3405aIMG_3406aIMG_3407aIMG_3408a50th anniversaryIMG_3409av partyIMG_3416a

WHAT’S COOKIN’ 2NITESmile with tongue out:
Potato leek soup
Pepperoni pull-apart rolls
Salad with persimmon and blue cheese
Election day palmiers

One thought on “Still scrappin’

  1. Those are beautiful pages. I Have 14 scrap books…13 1/2 of them are empty. I spent hundreds of dollars on supplies, then did nothing. One day your family will be so happy to have these. Of course, you’ll probably be dead, but…one day 🙂

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