Happy Yesterday!

Here’s a scene from last week’s pumpkin carving.  it’s hard to tell which one is Leo and which is the pumpkin, right? (Psst, Leo is the “S” on the left.)


Then he wanted me to carve an “O.”


He was definitely sure this was what he wanted his pumpkin to look like, much to the puzzlement and amusement of his brothers.  Finally on Halloween night he was able to explain to me that he was trying to write $1.00 so that people would think they had to pay money to visit our house and he would be rich.  Instead, people showed up at our house and took all our candy.  So…

Over in the fifth grade, most of the boys decided they were too cool to wear costumes.  Vincenzo noted this about his peers, then went out and got the most ridiculous costume he could find.


He’s Picachu, not a banana with ears.


All we needed for Rocco’s costume was a handful of safety pins and Vincenzo’s costume from last year:


And for Leo’s, a pair of black socks to make his last-year’s costume look like it wasn’t three inches too short.


I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, which caused Leo a lot of anxiety.  He finally got me when he said, “But Mom, you could be something byootiful!”  I told him I prefer scary and then he told me I can be anything I want to be.  It was very touching.  I tried to capture both in a zombie bride costume, but I just don’t do makeup.


Everyone kept saying it was a beautiful costume, and I’d pout and say I wanted to be scary, so then they’d tell me in a placating voice that oh yes, I was very scary indeed.

Screw all of them.  I have photoshop.


But come on, this is a little scary, right?



Chicken sausage stew in pumpkin bowls
Salad with apples, craisins, & candied pecans
Gobs and gobs of candy

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