Thunny Fings

Leo’s brain is just exploding this month, filling with facts and number problems and things he has figured out.  He loves to drop knowledge on us throughout the day.  He’s told us about the differences between bats and birds, how to tell if a pumpkin is ripe or rotten, and the answers to math problems such as 1+1+1, willing his sticky little fingers out of his fist for proof.  He quizzes us to see how much we know. 

Leo: Did you know that the middle of a sunflower is dark?
Kevin: Yep.
Leo: And did you know that the petals are yellow?
Kevin: Yep.
Leo: And did you know that the stem is green?
Kevin: Oh, the stem is green??!
Leo: A-ha!

He’ll come sprinting into the bathroom where I am, saying, “Mom, do you know that you can make a little ‘t’ with one straight line and one sideways line?” 

I’ll be driving and he’ll demand I turn around to look back at him.  “Mom, look!  This is how you make an ‘h’ in sign language!” 

We’ll be watching a basketball game and he’ll blurt out, “Did you know that ‘tree’ starts with the letter ‘h?’”

Okay, so not all his facts are accurate.  But the favorite piece of knowledge he dropped on us so far was during pumpkin carving.  He stuck a finger in the air and said, “Mom, did you know this is called your fing ringer?”


Then he sang a whole song that went, “Where is fing ringer, where is fing ringer, here I am…” while holding his middle finger up for all to see and he couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing so hard.

It was flipping hilarious.

Leftover pizza

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