More Octobering

The torrential downpour that started about 30 days ago finally let up for a day so we crawled out of our cave for a trip to the pumpkin farm.

I’m not saying it was easy, coming out of the cave after so long in there.


But the apples weren’t going to fling themselves at their targets, so we rolled up our sleeves and loaded up the slings.


Thank goodness for older brothers, or Rocco would have been flung out to pasture along with the apple!


We walked into the corn maze, Kevin saying, “Do we really have to do it this year?”  It really is a beast of a maze, and even with Kevin’s strategy to always turn right, it took us a full hour to get back out of there. 


While in there, we found a whimpering, lost little girl who started really crying once we reunited her with her mother.  We saw signs telling not to touch the corn because us the corn would cut us, like we were in the back alley of some crime-ridden city.  We google mapped ourselves to try to find our way out.  We laughed about the woman who once called 911 when she couldn’t find her way out of a corn maze.  We changed our judgment of said woman about 45 later when we were contemplating calling 911 ourselves.  We discussed how many rations we had as a group and how we should best divide them up.  We said about a hundred times, “I think we’ve already been here before…”  We said about two hundred times, “No, Rocco, we shouldn’t try turning left just once!”


And finally, finally, we made our way not to the exit, but at least back to the entrance.  As the back of the “Enter” sign came into view, I had a sickening feeling that there would be an authoritative looking person standing there, saying, “Sorry guys, you can’t exit here.  This is the entrance only.”

But no, we were all allowed to sheepishly duck our way out though the same mouth we had entered so very long ago.  It was refreshing to see some colors other than the color green after having been in there so long!


Can you believe we get to live in a world that looks like this?!  Fall, you are spectacular.

Here’s a cute picture of the boys.


So cute I bet you didn’t even notice the dog butt hovering over them all.

And now I will turn off the commentary and just throw a bunch of gloriously Octoberish pictures your way.


Halloween, I miss you already and you haven’t even happened yet!

Japchae with beef

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