Sugar High

October is my favorite.  I’ve written it before, so I won’t bother to regurgitate my ode to autumn here, but I have been in crafting, baking, and decorating heaven for the past few weeks.  Last week’s Octobery event: decorating Halloween cookies.


Vincenzo went for the cast of Harry Potter—Hermione, Nearly Headless Nick, Polyjuice Potion, Mrs. Norris, and a random pumpkin that I tried to convince him to put glasses on and call “Harry Potter.”


Leo and Rocco’s cookies had a different look to them.


You can’t really appreciate the amount of sugar and sprinkles on each of these bad boys until you see one from the side.


I think they were entering their cookies in the “height and weight” divisions rather than the “skill” division.

Overall, though, I think we covered all the bases of Halloween: sugary, sweet, scary, clever, ugly, cute, disgusting, ridiculous, and above all, fun.


Just looking at that picture makes you want to give yourself a shot of insulin though, right?!

Oaxaca tacos
Cumin black beans
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
Sugar cookies

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